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Our School*

Grundschule am Schäfersee is a primary school with three to five forms for each year.
At present there are approximately 460 pupils (boys and girls) with 53% of them whose mother tongue is not German. We are trying to integrate pupils in different classes with reduced learning capacities, auditory or sight damages or with grave behavioural deficiencies.
The building - of 1912 - has recently been modernized extensively and offers a diversity of rooms for all sorts of subjects and activities.

In the spacious schoolyard you will find apparatuses for climbing, to improve your dexterity or corporeal skills. The kids can play streetball or have fun with toys older pupils hand out during breaks on request.

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Intellectually we offer:

  • English starting with year 3
  • English as a full-fledged subject from year 5
  • Additional courses for advanced learners in German, Maths and English for years 5 & 6
  • Social Learning
  • Groups for woodwork, acting, playing the recorder, volleyball, drumming, environment and garden
  • Doing homework in guided groups
  • Computer classes
  • Classes for the two main Christian denominations - alternatively Sociology
  • Lots more can be found on our homepage.

How to check out on us and how to find us:

Grundschule am Schäfersee is located in eastern Reinickendorf - directly at the border to Wedding district.

Easiest way to our school is via underground - line 8 (Franz-Neumann-Platz/Am Schäfersee station). Walk clockwise round Schäfersee, turn left into Rütli St. up to Holländer St., the school building in off white is on the right. The entrance is in Baseler St. and is open all day.

You can also take buses 120 or 128 (stop at Holländer St./Aroser Allee).

If you would like to have a closer look at the surroundings click

(city map).


In order to guide your child safely to school click for downloading our

(advised plan from a variety of directions).

*Special thanks to my colleague Dietmar Seidler for the translation!!

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